Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Preparing for the Christmas Season

Well, the holidays will soon be upon us, and one of the things I wanted/needed to get done was an advent calendar for my niece and nephew. I thought it would be a good idea to share this years advent calendar version now, in case anyone wanted to use the idea. I'm quite pleased with it. I've also got the pastry bug in my system, which is pleasing Phatdogg to no end. The trick I've found, and may have mentioned before, is to include any pastries in with my grain/veggie servings. Oh, and not to go overboard too. I highly recommend going to the various sites of the brands of ingredients you may have lying around, for example Robin Hood. I found a great oatmeal cookie recipe there that included wheat germ and a lot of other healthy ingredients.
So, the advent calendar is simple and if I do say so myself, ingenious. Doubtful I'm the first to think of it, but I didn't find anything like it on the web when I searched for ideas. I did find this idea and may do it in the future, if not for an advent calendar, maybe for Lent.
The Hershey Kisses rose bud has been around for a while, so I made up 24 and put a corresponding date on the leaf. I arranged them in a decorative plant holder, the chocolate for the 25th is underneath them all and a bit larger. The cello wrap for them is a Santa print, but a combination of red and green, or multi-colours would be great too. The best thing is, they also can look like led lights, so using pipe cleaners to attach them together and numbering the cello wrap would work well too I think.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Experiment will continue, not sure the Blog will...

In the beginning, finding topics to talk about was easy. I have found it difficult to come up with something to talk about, and Phatdogg is blogged out. I certainly do not wish to bore anyone with menial details. I could continue with updates on dishes and recipes I find and try out, but I don't feel that is necessarily connected to staying on CFG. We are committed to maintaining the dietary requirements of the food guide, but it's pretty much same-o same-o. I think that for now, I will leave the blog up, and if I come across those recipes or dishes that may interest you I will put up a post. I apologize that we won't be blogging more frequently, but I can assure everyone, I love following Canada's Food Guide, and have no desire to end it.