Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Beginning

And we're off!  As we have been already observing Canada's Food Guide (CFG) for a week, our official start today was easy as pie. (Mmm, pie).

I must say I am most interested to see how this impacts my weight.  At 5ft 7in and 195 lbs to start, that puts me 45 lbs over my ideal weight.  Maintaining food guide recommendations (FGR) will give me a healthier body, will it also provide a slimmer one?

As I have stated previously, I believe we were eating healthily: we just had much larger portions.  (Okay, maybe we indulged in empty calorie foods occasionally).  Researchers have said that over the last 40 years, portion sizes have increased significantly,  I am looking forward to this new lifestyle, which feels very familiar.  I remember our family meals growing up.  My mother would plate our food, and everyone would receive a serving of meat, veg. and potato.  In the winter, we would have some soup to start, and regardless of the season, every meal ended with a salad.  Most Europeans eat this way.  I can see the portions now, with my parents having slightly larger ones.  When did that change for me?

Our activity levels are more a focus now too.  Princess would ask me many times in the past to run with her.  I would a little bit, but sit down presently and watch her do more.  Now, I make sure I keep going, even when I don't feel totally up to it.  For not only my own good, but to set the right example for her too!

Thanks, Bella

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