Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting things ready ...

Well, as you can see below, I spent part of the day creating our weekly food guide logs.  This will make it easier to mark the number of servings, per day, per person.  I'll get my craft on with Princess' help, and create a wall board to put these and a few other posters up.
Health Canada's website has all the information available for download, pdf and you can order it to be mailed to you too. 
What I found today is how important a kitchen scale will be. I'll be all over a digital one if we can swing it. We have a small scale, and for cheese and meats, it will be essential.  I believe that we have been eating healthy, (not counting the occasional bag of chips or home baked  goods), but eating larger portions then we should, as discovered today when I made sausage meatballs.
I'm excited for us, and hope our visitors to this blog enjoy what we can share with you.

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