Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gastronomy - the art or science of good eating

1 Day to go until we embark on our year long culinary journey.

We have actually been living by the guide for about 6 days now.  It does take some effort to plan meals, and servings and making a real effort to cut out the "naughty" foods like sugars, fats and oils.  One thing I notice really early on is that I eat smaller amounts more frequently.  I find it easier to deal with the serving sizes and how many of those servings I can have this way. 

So for breakfast I had too slices of toast with thin scraping of non-hydrogenated margarine and some peanut butter (2 Tbsp).  I also had an orange and a plum. (2 veggie-fruit, 2 grains, 1 meat)

Then on the way to the shop (we always need more fruits, and some of the time veggies too), Princess and I (Phatdogg) shared a banana and an apple; count as 1 fruit serving each. 

For lunch I had a ham (75g), cheese (block cheddar 50g), leaf lettuce (1/4 cup) and radish (1/4 cup) with a bit of grainy mustard on two slices of whole wheat bread with a single plum prune.   Also I had 4 and a half whole wheat crackers (I put some of the cheese and ham on them).
(1 veggie-fruit, 3 grains , 1 milk and alternative, 1 meat)

I find that I am eating more raw food, and also that I am left hungry feeling a lot of the time.  I fight this hunger with water (as we are supposed to have 8 cups of water a day anyway I figure I can`t have too much).  I see a few changes in the way I think about food... I would ordinarily not notice if I missed breakfast; however, because I am always thinking about following the guide spending time making and eating food seems really insignificant.  I hope as time moves on it will become more like blinking in that I don`t have to think about it ... it will just happen in the background.

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