Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding the time

I have continued along the merry journey of this experiment, and I think that I really enjoy being the weight that I am, and the fitness level that I have. I sneak a couple more treats into the mix than Bella and Princess (when Bella and Princess aren't looking so as not to tempt them). I feel like it is a little bit of a bonus I get for being at a naturally healthy weight for my body.

I know that I am at a good weight (194-196). This is a good weight because it is in accordance with the BMI for my height and age. Also my weight hasn't really changed much in 2 months of this. Remember I lost 10 lbs or so near the beginning of September, well my weight hasn't changed since then.

I also know that I could increase my athleticism. I don't ride the bike anymore, or run or even really walk the dog (other than the family walks in the mornings ... which are sometimes not happening, and other times are an hour long). I also procrastinate about signing up Princess for ice skating and the early session has passed us by. We will have to try for the later one that starts in January.

I believe this diet is the best thing for our bodies, lets hope that this diet pays off in dividends further down the road.



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