Friday, October 7, 2011

No Wane, Lotsa Gain

At the beginning of our journey, I was curious (and hoping) that following CFG and CPAG would not only improve our overall health, but aide in creating a slimmer body. Today I weigh 11 pounds less, and couldn't be more pleased with how things are going. Where Phatdogg has concerns about his interest waning, I am truly enjoying the freedom the guide gives me. Preparing meals, shopping for groceries, is much easier to plan when you have a chart that tells you what's best to eat, and how much of it to eat. The largest parts of our shops are fresh veggies and fruit. Last week, Princess requested that I put a mini cucumber in our basket. When I reminded her that she didn't like cucumber this summer (we tried it a few times), she put her hands up and said "can we just try it Mum". How could I say no to that! Surprise, she actually ate some of it later that night at dinner, declaring that she loved cucumber.

As a family we agreed on allowing ourselves a sometime treat a week. I find that makes my choices easier, as I would much rather share a treat at home with my family, than have a Halloween chocolate bar that was offered to me at work.

I've made an effort to increase my activity at home. Dancing with Princess is good play and a good heart thumper. We don't run a car, but have made transit a choice on occasion when we could have walked. We've trimmed that down as much as possible, in fact, the last two weeks on my way to work; I have got off two or three stops sooner so that I could enjoy a speedier, longer walk to work.

I really like what we're doing and have no plans to stop any time sooner or later. A fun fact, this Sunday is Thanksgiving, and I will be doling out the food to the whole family. I have tried to create a tasty, but simple menu (14 people in a 970 sq ft condo should be interesting), and will be saving up my treats for this week for the yummy tarts on Sunday. I will post some pictures of the Thanksgiving meal and their respective recipes (if everyone enjoys it).

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