Sunday, September 18, 2011


So the diet feels like it is just part of the daily process these days.  Having said that Bella and I were afforded a couple of nights without Princess this weekend and we went straight away to our favorite burger shack and had the most impressive burgers that we can think of in close vicinity (Burger Heaven -  Looking at the burger we can see the veggies which is good; but there was a lot more oil than we are used to eating.  I think that given the opportunity we would do exactly the same thing again, even knowing that we will feel "weighted" by the additional fat.  Got to live a little I figure, it's just if you are eating burgers 3 - 4 times per week it might be a little overboard.

The weather here is starting to change, I am still hoping that we can continue our morning exercise walks with little disruption through the winter, but the weather is going to be outright miserable sooner or later.  The Outlaw will be so drenched it will make us unmotivated to take her.  Ah well, cross that bridge when we get there.  Today I did a max push up test and got to 27.  I am sure that number is higher than if I had just tried the same thing 2 weeks ago.  I qualify for the toughest level of the training now, and if I manage to stay there on track I am just 4 weeks away from doing more than 60 consecutive push ups... now that is starting to sound impressive.

I also had a couple of beers this week.  I hope that I don't let the diet slip so much that I ruin what we are working toward.

Catch up with ya soon, Phatdogg

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