Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eating Away from Home and Over-Indulging

Yesterday, we were invited over to a friend's home for a BBQ and good conversation.  Our newest challenge; how many servings of the four food groups were we about to eat or eating.  Not only was that foremost on our minds, but we enjoyed our fair share of libation, which is considered a sometime treat.

I (Bella) had made sure during the day, that I would go into the evening with at least 2 servings each of grain/and fruit-veggies.  (Phatdogg had the same idea).  Our friends presented a wonderful appetizer; a barbequed brie round on a cedar plank, with a tomato relish and crackers.  One word, Yummy!  The hardest part was stopping.  Over-indulging is easily the biggest challenge whenever one finds themselves eating away from home.  We are fortunate that these friends presented a healthy balance of food.  Dinner was barbeque pork, asparagus, raw veggies and salad.  Portioning out our plates was simple and without temptation as there were only nutritious options. 

As far as the libation was concerned, well, beer is good.  Especially when paired with good friends and good times.  Not much more to be said about that.  I believe the bigger part of this challenge will come when going out to a restaurant.  Control on serving size will be a matter of not eating everything that comes to the table,  choosing the right meal, and taking home leftovers.

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