Friday, September 23, 2011

The Vitamin Answer (sorry, honey)

Phatdogg here, with my thoughts on the whole vitamin thing.

I believe that vitamins are no good for you at all.  I think that our bodies have a natural regulatory system built in so that when we are in need of a specific vitamin or mineral we will have a craving for say tomato or broccoli.  I think that most people are out of touch with their bodies though; we don't eat properly, we don't get enough exercise.  These types of activities I believe lead to us feeling "heavy" and a whole host of other things (including being overweight, and having an impact on our emotional status).

I believe that having a vitamin supplement will just overload one vitamin at the expense of the other... for example perhaps an overload of Vitamin E will create a deficiency in Vitamin B.  Furthermore I think that if we keep taking vitamins for a long enough period of time we are likely to develop a physical dependency on them.  Meaning our bodies will not be able to use the natural version of the Vitamin as efficiently as it once did.

I believe that there is a lot of money floating around the vitamin and supplement market.  Because of this money there are lobbyists, and advertisers, and marketers and lawyers, and yes even government bodies making a killing in this sector ... so I don't expect it to go away.  The only thing we as consumers can do is educate ourselves and decide accordingly....whether or not you adhere to the governmental recommendations is up to you.


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