Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crying Household

In a matter of 10 minutes I have managed to make both Princess and Bella cry this morning.  I think that the prior post by Bella is a little too personal to be sharing over the internet.  Bella thinks the opposite.  I don't want this blog to turn into a 52 week journal about bowl movements (or lack there of) and other "personal" matters.  Bella believes that many people suffer from bowl movement problems based on diet and weight so the topic should be open for discussion ... my response is that a lot of female reproductive health is also based on diet, exercise and weight; but that I am not sharing intimate details of that side of our family life with the world.  Anyway, maybe there is a way to set up a vote, or poll or something.

Back to what I believe the posts should be about.

I have dropped about 7lbs in the week and a half that we have been following the food guide.  I am hoping that my weight will level off around 187lbs (yes, I am 6'4") which is my Body Mass Index (BMI) ideal weight.  I feel like I am wasting away a little.  Friends of mine keep offering me tasty treats like homemade cookies, and while I am ok to admit I am doing this anonymously online; I am not willing to tell my truck driving coworkers.

Short and sweet, that's it for now from me.


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